​What is the Native Plant Guild?
​The Native Plant Guild is an alliance of local businesses and organizations that offers West Michigan a variety of ecological landscaping services.

​From planning, design, installation and maintenance to providing Michigan native seed and plants, these professionals work together to promote stewardship of our land and waters as they establish, restore, and preserve natural landscapes.

How it Works

Search for the primary services you are looking for to find member organizations which match your project needs.  Then you can review different organizations and follow-up with the ones you'd like to work with.

One of the key strengths of the Native Plant Guild is our collaboration and teamwork across member organizations.  If you solicit help from a Native Plant Guild member and they think another member can better suit your needs they will recommend that member to you, or collaborate with them to create the best possible team for your project.

Why Natives?

Native plants and design strategies which mimic the natural environmental processes of native ecosystems are critical components of healthy landscapes in the 21st century.  Native landscapes restore the environmental fabric of the landscape and help to mitigate impacts from development even across the most urban landscapes.  
Native plants support ecological diversity in the landscape by providing food, shelter, and habitat for pollinators, and other wildlife that depend on native plants for their survival.  Utilizing native plants in combination with native design strategies, such as rain gardens and bioswales, and restoring native ecosystems such as prairies, woodlands, and wetlands, creates productive landscapes that reduce resource consumption, connect communities to their natural heritage, reveal unparalleled aesthetic beauty, and improve the health of the local and regional ecosystem for both humans and wildlife. 

Many member organizations provide more than one core service, so look for the symbols seen above next to their company profile for additional services they offer.


Amy Heilman
Welcome to the Native Plant Guild!  We started this group to serve as a resource for those interested in creating native landscapes in the West Michigan area.  Our network thrives off collaboration between member organizations, and a firm commitment to promoting native plants and restoring native habitats.  

Native landscapes are a very important component of healthy communities, and we're here to help support you in creating native landscapes in your back yard, neighborhood, and community.  Together we can heal our outdoor spaces, and live in harmony with nature.
Coordinator of NPG - Owner of The Living Garden
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